Support for Educators

Here are some questions educators frequently ask about their MyLab and Mastering courses.

Learn about MyLab and Mastering.

System requirements

What are the system requirements for MyLab and Mastering courses?

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Access codes

How do I get an access code?

How do my students get access codes?

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How do I register?

How do my students register?

Learn how students register. (Duration: 3:09)

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How do my students enroll in a new course?

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Sign In

I forgot my username and password. How can I get them again?

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How do I update my educator information, such as my email address, username, or password?

Where can I find a list of my accounts?

I have several accounts. Can I combine them?

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Course management

Where do I change course dates or other course settings?

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More support information

How do I contact Faculty Services?

You can get support on your specific MyLab and Mastering product.

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