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To register for MyLab and Mastering, you must have an instructor access code. If you have a code, go straight to registration.

If you do not have an access code, request one. You will select your location, and provide the contact and school information requested. We will verify your request and email your single-use access code within four business days of your request being approved.

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Order textbooks and student access code kits

A student access code is an individual, course-specific code students redeem to register for your online course. This code can be redeemed only once—at the moment of registration.

Your bookstore needs to use the correct ISBN(s) when ordering. For most courses, they can order one or both of the following:

Your students can also pay online during registration. If they choose to use a credit card or PayPal account to pay during registration, they don’t need an access code.

Sometimes a MyLab and Mastering course has multiple student ISBNs representing different packages or print formats. Your sales representative can help you identify the correct ISBN(s) for your course.

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To register for MyLab and Mastering with an instructor access code:

  1. On the MyLab and Mastering home page, click Educator under Register.

  2. On the Educator screen, click Register.

  3. Read the license agreement and click I Accept to continue.

  4. Sign in or create an account:

    • Click Yes under Do You Have a Pearson Education Account to sign in with your existing Pearson account username and password.

    • Click No to create a Pearson account. Enter a username and password. Click Check Availability to verify the new username is available for use.

    • Click Not Sure to search for your account.

  5. Enter your access code in the boxes provided or click Switch to a single box to paste in the access code.

  6. Enter or verify your contact information.

  7. From the Confirmation page, click Sign in to go to the MyLab / Mastering home page. In the MyLab / Mastering New Design section on the left side of the page, click Create your New Course to set up the course section(s) you will be teaching.

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Create your first course

To create a course, sign in on the MyLab / Mastering home page, and follow these steps:

  1. Under MyLab / Mastering New Design, click Create Your New Course.

  2. To create your course, do one of the following:

    • Select Search Course Materials and enter the author, title, or ISBN of the content you want.

    • Select Browse by Discipline. Select the discipline, and then select the publisher or leave All Publishers selected.

    • Select Copy a Course if you will be creating your first course from a colleague’s course template. You will need your colleague’s course ID.

  3. Click Go.

  4. Find the item you want and click Select Course Materials.

    Note: The course catalog can include multiple items based on the same textbook. These items contain different content options for that textbook. Select the item with the content you want for your course.

  5. Enter your course name and a description in the Enter Course Information fields.

  6. Set Course Enrollment Dates to indicate the first and last day students can enroll in your course.

    Note: You might want to set the enrollment end date no further than 17 days from the enrollment start date to ensure students using temporary access do not accidentally enroll in your course multiple times.

  7. Set Course Duration to indicate the first and last day students can access your course.

    Note: You might want to set the course end date a little further out than the scheduled course end date if you want students to be able to continue accessing the course. The maximum end date is 15 months from the course creation date.

  8. Click Create Course Now.

    The confirmation page displays the course ID for your new course. Creating the course might take between one hour and one business day.

    Note: Do not distribute the course ID to students until you receive confirmation that the course is ready and available for use.

  9. Click Back to your Courses page to access your courses list.

    The new course displays with a clock icon to indicate that your course is not yet created. This icon will disappear when the course has been created and is available for use.

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Give students the course ID

Download your auto-populated student handout from your course details page or Download here a generic student registration handout.

On the first day of class, give your students the registration handout containing your course ID. You may also want to include your course ID on your course syllabus.

Students must enter the course ID during registration to gain access to your course.

To find the course ID:

  1. Sign in on the MyLab / Mastering home page.

  2. Under MyLab / Mastering New Design, find your course by the title you gave it. The course ID appears beneath the course title.

    Note: Before giving the course ID to your students, ensure the course is available for use; that is, the clock icon is gone, or you received a confirmation email saying the course created successfully.

  3. Download your auto-generated student registration handout customized with your course name and course id. The handout is available from the course listings page under Details.

  4. Refer your students to the MyLab and Mastering website to register and subsequently sign in. The Student Get Started section contains step-by-step registration information, and how to videos.

    Pearson’s First Day of Class website also has resources for ensuring your course gets off to a successful start.

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