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Pearson’s MyLab and Mastering for Blackboard Learn delivers a robust course experience for you and your students.


MyLab / Mastering seamlessly integrated with Blackboard Learn

MyLab and Mastering, Pearson’s leading online learning products, are now seamlessly integrated with Blackboard Learn. Using a Blackboard Building Block, this integration delivers streamlined access to your customizable content and highly personalized study paths, responsive learning tools, and real-time evaluation and diagnostics within the context of Blackboard Learn.

Instructors and students can link their Blackboard and Pearson accounts to enable single sign-on to MyLab and Mastering from within their Blackboard course. Students can now spend more time learning and less time managing their course access.

Effective and engaging courses provide instructional materials when and where students need them. Instructors can create direct links to MyLab and Mastering from anywhere within their Blackboard course.

The flexible grade transfer capabilities allow the instructor to control exactly which MyLab and Mastering grades should be transferred to the Blackboard Grade Center. Instructors can also continue to use the powerful assignment and analytics tools in the MyLab and Mastering gradebook.

See MyLab and Mastering for Blackboard Learn in action.

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