What’s New for Educators

MyLab and Mastering products deliver leading technology innovations. With customizable and dynamic technologies, you can create a personalized learning experience so that every student succeeds.

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Publishers customize MyLab and Mastering courses. Your course might include any of the following features.

Enhanced course settings menu

Streamlines access to your course settings and roster with faster loading times.

MyLab / Mastering Mobile Dashboard1

This new student-only app allows you to send real-time updates from your computer, including announcements, grades and assignment due dates to students on their mobile devices.

Code Validator

Checks your html coding when creating custom content for course menu items.

Math Editor

Students can now respond to discussion topics using the Math Editor.

Link to URL content1

You can now add links in the course content menu to external current events or other content for more robust, relevant topic coverage.

Assignment Calendar1

Set, change, and remove due dates for any item in the menu structure and view course start/end date as a reference for scheduling items.

Gradebook Updates3

The gradebook has a new look and feel and added functionality to select all students for grade sharing. In addition, the ability to export a course’s gradebook into an Excel (csv) file and for Blackboard courses has been added.

Social course home

Displays information in a feed, enabling enables students and instructors to interact with each other through:

Modify course menu redesign

The newly released modify course menu features more intuitive and quick arranging of the course menu for your courses. New streamlined steps let you arrange, add and remove menu items, hide content from your students, or remove and archive content for later use in your course. To differentiate course sections, you can customize the style of each section, selecting different colors for the course menu and banner.

Assessment Enhancements2

Assessments can now be previewed and on a student-by-student basis, reset or extended to grant additional time for completion. Resetting a student’s assessment completely clears a student’s previously completed answers and grades; granting additional time only allows a student to continue from the last question they had successfully completed to the end of the assessment.

Multiple file upload for submissions

The ability to attach multiple files to a submission is now supported. Notifications for submissions appear only one per student submission, rather than once per attached file.

Auto-populated student Getting Started handout

A PDF handout is automatically created along with your course which includes the course name, course ID and series logo. The handout shows student registration and sign in steps for your course and can be accessed on your course listings page under Details; it is also included in your confirmation email.

For more information, including how to’s, see Instructor Help or Help & Support on the top-right your course’s homepage.